Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scene from a Scout camp

A bottle of water, a cot for a bed
Perhaps a bottle of Benadryl instead
We'll get a tent far from the street
In a totally unfamiliar place...

That is Blondie the squirrel who frequented camp quite a bit. The last visitor was a young bear after family night who must have liked the smell of Papa Jojn's pizza. After campfire and the rain, the kids went over hill and dale back to camp to startle the youngster that was checking out the trash that didn't get picked up in the earlier run. All in all a good week. Rain every day but at pretty convenient times and short each day. Only a few injuries. The weird one was 7 scouts from all around camp all in sick bay at the same time with a swollen eye or two on Monday. Our one kid of the seven had his swell completely shut. Doses of Benadryl and detox showers and back to camp with them all. Next we had a kid that had to go home after throwing up most of the night Tues. Another camper (not our troop) was choppered out Wed night with an apparent appendicitis. Thursday Ben fell off his horse when cantering but was not hurt. Friday John fell jumping a ditch with not as much luck and took a chunk out of his knee that bled rather well. All are back home and crashed in their beds. Think I will too.

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Janet said...

So far you're not selling me on the whole Scouting thing.