Saturday, February 21, 2009

My New Favorite Device

I've been stymied in getting music from iTunes to the main stereo due to the wiring needed. But no longer! I was introduced to the Apple Airport Express by a guy at work and confirmed by Sam the Apple geek. Get yours here -> though I got an open box one on eBay for $30 less. By easily replacing the home wireless router (it will do in addition as well), with this tiny device located next to the stereo, all I had to do was connect a stereo cable from it to the stereo auxiliary input. It really is small, only 2" x 3"! Now any computer in the house can play through iTunes to the speakers in the living room or kitchen or both! That replaces the old iPod that was connected to that amplifier which would only work with a remote control as the touchpad quit working a year or two ago. Now that that iPod is liberated, I may have to attempt to fix it again. Last time it worked for a whole week before giving out again. Note that it even does wireless N so it has huge speed increase and twice the distance of G as well! I plan to use them for wireless at our new building. Then we will be able to play music in the big conference room from someone's pc without having a computer hooked to the stereo in there. One more note is that it can connect up a usb printer too to make a network printer without attaching to a PC and sharing to all. Apple really does make some great stuff.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sign of the Times

This last week I was interviewing for interns at work. I contacted the local community college to see if they had a program and they sent me 5 candidates that were about a year or so into their degree program in technology. Of the 5 , 3 were older than me and I consider myself getting up there! The three were all trying to break into a new field after doing various other things for the last 30 years or so. Knowing that this experience will make a real difference when it comes time for them to get a full time job, I feel like I hold way too much power! In the end I went with one of the older three as they seem more eager to do anything even if it is carrying equipment during our move three weeks from now. That and the experience working however distant the field, seems like it will be helpful during the crazy times coming up.