Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The view from the new office

Here is my soon to be view in our new building. Yes it is a parking lot but that is actually better than my current view of the side of the shipping and receiving building. Of course at least I have a window and not cube walls! The big excitement today was 4 of our 17 sky lights were put in. They are huge. Something like 4'x4' each. They let in a lot of light, hopefully not much snow...

And here is the actual office. Note that the wall to the right has the Mile High Sports Bar on the other side. I hope they play good music!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

And the snow cometh..

This is the Dufus telling me it is time for the walk, or to be fed. We didn't work on the circumnavigation of Palmer Park as I jinxed it by mentioning that it was snow free before. We got a couple of inches of snow and it was 0 degrees wind chill this morning when I could no longer ignore missy and got out of bed. I usually sit at the computer and see the headlines while she does her best to get me moving. I gave in as usual and then went for the 30 minute tour of the neighborhood.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Update on How to Beat a Cough

The answer is elderberry cough syrup within 24 of taking it (2 teaspoons every 4 hours), the cough had dimished 80% and within 48 hours I coughed no more. So much for burning it out which just drug it out another 2 weeks. So now we know.

Views from Kinnikinnick

Here are some shots from this morning's hike with the dufus. This was our third day on the Kinnikinnick trail. We have been taking advantage of the long holidays (Thanks USA Cycling) and the lack of snow on the trails to try and cover the whole Palmer Park again. Two weeks into it but will need several weekends after going back to work to try and finish up. I doubt the snow will hold off but we'll just see. Not that we can't hike it in the snow (that's when we first did it), it is just easier to recognize the trails when they are not covered.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Keeping the Streak Going

No not the continual playing of Ray Stevens' "The Streak" but taking the motorcycle out for a ride on Jan 1. Didn't go too far as it was quite windy which translates to chilly. Just to work and to the new building so about 20 miles. That helps keep the carburetors from gunking up. It had only been a couple days since I rode it so not needed for the carbs but just for the streak.

Carpet is going in at the new building and it is looking pretty finished in places. As it is 300 feet long, some of the building is further along than the rest. Certificate of Occupancy is supposed to be Feb 5th. By the time we get furniture and stuff after that, it may be Mar 1 before we actually start working there.