Sunday, December 28, 2008

Best New Music for 2008

Not that I call myself an expert, but from the CDs and mp3s I bought this year, here are my favorites. Note that I probably only bought 5 or 6 2008 releases!

Top Songs:
Sundays - Counting Crows Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings
If I Die Suddenly - John Mellencamp Life, Death, Love, and Freedom
Without a Shot - John Mellencamp Life, Death, Love, and Freedom
God Bless this Mess - Sheryl Crow Detours

Top CDs:
John Mellencamp Life, Death, Love, and Freedom
Sheryl Crow Detours
Metallica 12/18/2008 Live
Rush Snakes and Arrows Live

Live Metallica

I may be a little behind the times but I discovered this site the other day where you can get each Metallica show for download. It started with a great review of an LA show a week or two ago and bam next thing you know I had bought it. Fantastic, I must say.

A Great Present

Here is another one of my presents. It is a shuffle holder that keeps the wires from getting caught on anything. I have worn it while climbing under the car and all around outside without catching a wire and ripping the headphones out of my ears. Quite cool. Get them here ->

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Somebody likes me...

Or just is sucking up really well! My three IT employees got me a Logitech Harmony 880 universal remote for Christmas. Man am I stoked! I wanted to get one but would never have gone that high up on the model scale myself. Now if I can ever get a chance on the TV, I am going to try it out! See it at,CRID=2084,CONTENTID=9933

How to beat a cough

I am of the reasoning that taking it easy when you are sick only prolongs the agony. I think you should make the bug as miserable as you can to get rid of it. Lauri might think I'm insane but I still take the doofus out early for a jaunt so that I can cough up a bunch of junk in that brisk 10 degree air. This morning we even went for the hilliest part of Palmer Park so I could get the old heart rate up and break a sweat. Take that you lousy cough! Now to see if I get well or end up in the hospital. Either is fine, just no wallowing for me.