Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sign of the Times

This last week I was interviewing for interns at work. I contacted the local community college to see if they had a program and they sent me 5 candidates that were about a year or so into their degree program in technology. Of the 5 , 3 were older than me and I consider myself getting up there! The three were all trying to break into a new field after doing various other things for the last 30 years or so. Knowing that this experience will make a real difference when it comes time for them to get a full time job, I feel like I hold way too much power! In the end I went with one of the older three as they seem more eager to do anything even if it is carrying equipment during our move three weeks from now. That and the experience working however distant the field, seems like it will be helpful during the crazy times coming up.


Lauri said...

Definitely a sign of the times.

Hidden Wizard said...

I've noticed the same thing in hiring for my facility. The younger applicants are more interested in how much time off they get as opposed to pay and medical insurance. I lean toward older applicants. The other issue I have is the use of the texting language they use....this shows up on resumes and they see nothing wrong with this. If I have to have an applicant to explain a number of "words" on their resume I will usually file it and their application in that plastic container next to my desk.


Janet said...

I'll be in their shoes in a couple of years.